Thursday, January 27, 2011


The last few days, I have been allowing myself a diet Dr. Pepper to combat my occasional desire to cheat. I realized today that my mood tanks after drinking it. This has been noticeable because I have felt consistently fantastic since starting the diet. I know all literature says diet soda is evil, but I hadn't expected it to cause that reaction. I am done with all soda, except cheat day and I'll drink the sugared kind then!

And I've dropped the PAGG (PAG for me) stack. TF is only doing it on cheat days. I'll do the same.

I've bought a 30lb ketttle bell and combined several of the 4HB workouts to come up with my plan. Did glut raises, myotatic crunch, cat vomit, and kb swings yesterday, my light day. Will do version of Kiwi's workouts Mon and Fri.

Soaked some lentils last night, so I have a stockpile to incorporate into recipes. LOVE sauteed scallions, tuna, lentils or black beans with curry powder. Added spinach this time, too. Will do chicken instead of tuna some days/week b/c of mercury concerns, but this is my daily lunch.

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