Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'll Take It!

Started the week fired up to make some great progress after the 2nd week slump, but got a little complacent. This is a persistent problem for me. I am not terribly overweight (or at all, some might argue), so my drive to put up big numbers in weight/% body fat/inches lost wanes periodically. I justify the handful of crackers (there actually pistachio nut crisps, so vastly better, right?) or the 1 slice of pizza with the kids, thinking, "This won't be enough to sabotage my losing something this week." I am not one to binge, so I feel safe having the little bits of cheats, knowing it won't cause me to domino. And I'm at a low enough weight that I notice small changes. As long as I'm feeling trimmer and noticing a downward trend on the scale and with my measurements, I'm good.

But that's BAD. I keep re-reading 4HB to try to bust through the complacency, because it's a slippery slope. I had just a few tiny cheats this week, not enough to totally plateau, but by Friday I allowed myself a cheat meal that night, extending my cheat day by a meal. I will NOT be successful, if this is how I roll.

So, I'll take the numbers I put up this week, considering my cheats. Back on track today, Sunday. Will shoot for nice numbers this week. Doing some 4HB reading, good grocery shopping and tweaking my exercise and meal plans today.

This week's stats:
2 lbs lost, 0% body fat (which makes no sense to me), 1/2 an inch (all in the waist - yay)

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