Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 Won!

Well, had a great first week! 5 lbs met my hopes and exceeded my expectations.  I weighed in a full 2 lbs. less, so a 7 lb weight loss, but the starting weight was after I guzzled 3 glasses of water to measure body fat, so I did things the same this week to keep things apples & apples.

Really enjoyed my first cheat day, Saturday! I intended to start off with a protein-rich, albeit high-cal, breakfast, but went the doughnut route with my beloved Godiva hot chocolate instead. Lunch at Sonic, Pizza Hut delivery for dinner and lots of snacks and caloric beverages for Poker Night. I even baked a pie.

That said, I wasn't dying to make it to cheat day. I wasn't hungry and had almost no cravings. Having "fast food" I could throw together quickly was definitely key.

Need to drink more water this week and try some shiver walks. I think ice baths are a bridge too far for me.

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