Monday, January 3, 2011

Kettlebell replacement

Been doing Cross Fit and plan to keep with that twice a week. Most CF workouts have kettlebells somewhere in the mix, but if it's lacking, I can add some. I am considering purchasing a 35lb kb and working out at home. I have a 20-minute drive to CF in the early morning. But I've really enjoyed watching the strength gains and using the gym equipment, like the pull-up bands/bars, GHD and weights. The class is now free, as MWR decided they wanted "soldiers training soldiers," so it's a volunteer-based instruction. Most of the same people. Everyone is nice and encouraging.

Had a protein-rich bfast with cottage cheese & cinnamon, eggs with spinach and garlic sauteed in Ghee. No beans. Will add those in tomorrow's bfast. Drinking lots of ice water with lemon and doing AGG @ 3 meals. Or am I supposed to do PAGG with last meal? Have to look that up. Salad with chicken, red onion, black beans and balsamic vinagrette for 1st lunch and tuna salad wrap with beans and onion for second. Still planning dinner - I know, that's bad.

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