Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1 Food

I ate as I should, for the most part. I was at the dermatologist for my second lunch, so I had some Brazil nuts (6) and a few forkfuls of sauerkraut. The latter was pretty awful - going to have to mix that with something in the future.Skipped the AGG, too because of the lightness of the meal. Will do PAGG with dinner. I am fairly confused on dosing on that. In his Damage Control chapter, he only did AGG once and PAGG was with dinner. In another section, he says to do AGG with bfast, lunch and dinner, then PAGG @ bedtime. Doing 4 meals a day, I will assume this actually means with the last meal. I am more comfortable taking supplements with food.

Felt pretty good today. I definitely did not get hungry - felt like I was eating too much, actually. I had no problem ignoring the leftover birthday cookie and the holiday cake opened right in front of me. My pre-diet trip to Whole Foods was handy. Just grabbed the right stuff when it was time to eat. Only cooked @ bfast.

I did slow down on the water consumption when I left for my appointment. Need to drink tonight and be more consistent throughout the day tomorrow. But great day 1!

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