Monday, January 17, 2011

The Dreaded Week Two

I am a Biggest Loser fan. Every season's week two is fraught with plateaus and tears over inexplicable lack of progress, despite monumental efforts. I was unable to transcend their plight in my week 2. There are very good reasons for my lack of progress and some silver linings around my clouds, but the end of week 3 can't get here fast enough! I NEED to see something fantastic on the scale and the list of measurements soon, or Timmy-boy is going to lose me!

So the bad news is that I lost NO weight. It took me clear through Wednesday to recover from my cheat day damage. That was right in time for my cycle to start, so by the time I got to morning of the weigh-in, I was in Bloat City and had no chance and seeing anything fun on the scale. I told myself, "Not to worry. I'm sure you'll see your progress in your measurements." Apparently, bloating isn't just a perceived expansion of your body, especially your waistline, but an actual  one! I gained half an inch.3/4" was added to my waist, but I had a small deficit in arms and legs that brought the total down a smidge. More bad news is that I got several complaints from my husband that I stink! We narrowed it down to the garlic supplement I'm taking. Since I'm not sure getting skinny is worth being stinky, I've laid off that. I wonder if there is an allicin supplement that doesn't give me B.O.

The silver lining  is that I did see a full 2% drop in body fat. I don't get too overjoyed at that number, because of my less-than-stellar method of measuring it, which is to use that function on my scale. But, since that is the one measurement that went down this week, I'll take it!

Strategies for this week started with cheat day. I was apprehensive about going whole hog. I was actually shaking before lunch, due to not eating a big enough breakfast and letting too much time pass between meals. We did do a big lunch at Olive Garden (had a gift card) and had dinner out at our fave Yard House. We stayed up late playing poker, but it wasn't the huge snack fest like the first week. I wasn't hungry and didn't want to spend half my week making up for lost ground.

I'm planning on incorporating some thermogenics in this week. This should be easy, since it's frigid outside! I'll start with drowning myself in ice water and doing some shiver walks. I don't want to do ice baths, or even cold showers, though I may play with that a bit. I need to do at least 2 sessions of cross-fit this week. Only did one last week. I looked up the dosage of the PAGG stack. I'm upping my dosage on most all of it, either doubling the number of pills or making sure I take it as often as I need throughout the day to get to the prescribed MED in 4HB. I am, for the time being, changing to a PAG and AG stack, unless and until I find an alternative that won't make me reek!

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