Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steady As She Goes...

Well, still not being terribly strict, but am doing well enough to lose just a bit each week. I should really see what a week, or better yet 2, would look like really sticking to all the rules. Lost 1/2 a lb last week, 1 lb this week and just a smidge of inches, 1.25" over the 2 weeks. It's Super Bowl weekend and I SHOULD save my cheat day for tomorrow, but have already cheated some today and am making Fried Chicken and Bon Bon cookies tomorrrow. But Monday, will commit to the trifecta and follow my plans I've drawn up. This would be great, since I will be in a swimsuit in 2 weeks!

Starting Monday - - - -can she do it?!
Slow Carb diet - 4 meals/day x 6 days/week
Kiwi/KB/Ab training - 3x/week
Ice Age - ice water and shiver walking 3x/week

We shall see.....

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